The concept of « advanced nutritional complex »

Whether your goal is to gain weight and lean muscle mass, to increase physical performance or to improve muscular definition, nutrition is a critical factor to get the best results.

Virtually every credible expert agrees that the best way to approach to optimum sports nutrition is to consume 5 to 6 nutritious “meals” spread throughout the day. However in the real life it is particularly difficult to prepare and eat so many meals consisting of food only. Therefore, a majority of athletes have holes in their nutrition programs. Many are stuck with the typical breakfast-lunch-dinner pattern. The protein to carb balance is most of the time out of control. And important compounds in sports nutrition are often missing or not provided at the right dosages. The bottom line is : it is extremely hard for most athletes to get the right nutritional profile from foods alone.

How to use the advanced nutritional complexes ?

Sports nutrition experts agree that eating 5-6 times per day is significantly more efficient than the typical 3-meal pattern, regardless of your goal. If you want to get the best results, it is important to provide the body with all it needs regularly, ie about every 3 hours.

That is why the advanced nutritional complexes are to be taken twice a day between meals, first in the morning and then in the afternoon. Along with breakfast, lunch and dinner based on foods, they contribute to a regular supply of nutrients, which is necessary to ensure optimum results.

The advanced nutritional complexes are an easy and convenient way to take your nutrition to the next level.